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This privacy policy explains which personal data we collect, how we use them, to whom and in which situations they are divulged and how it is possible to modify or cancel them. Furthermore, since we use cookies, the Cookie section of this document provides you with all the related details.

This privacy policy is integrated and is part of our Terms and Conditions and, by accepting them, you also accept our privacy policy.

In order to complete any action on our website, you have to subscribe by filling in the form you can find on our website. Once you fill it in, you will be asked to provide us your e-mail address, your full name, your telephone number as well as any other personal information you want to give us. Please, note that these pieces of information are mandatory. Each time a section of the form is mandatory, it will be marked with the sign *. If you do not fill in this section you will not be able to subscribe to our Internet website. Furthermore, by asking you these data, we want to guarantee the correct functioning of our website and of our services in order to improve them. Our main aim consists in personalizing your experience on our website. We link together your information, personal data, chronology, etc. included, in order to provide you with personalized promotions and marketing offers, with a view to improving our website content for you and/or in order to define your preferences. We remind you that we could resort to information gathered through different means or in different moments and use the one obtained via other sources, third parties included. In order to do so, sometimes we have to share these pieces of information with the other commercial partners we work with, such as companies that provide marketing services and other commercial activities.

We will keep your data just long enough to perform our services or for the amount of time our laws require us to. Afterwards your personal data will be cancelled. It is clear that we cannot cancel your data if there is a legal archiving obligation, such as the rules of book archiving, or when there are other legal reasons, such as a contractual relationship. We could also pass your personal data on to whatever authority or governmental agency, regulator of the law, in case the disclosure is required or authorized by the laws and each time we find it necessary or apt sticking to whatever laws, regulation or governmental request in order to properly run our website or in order to protect and defend our rights against whichever illegal activity. We could also share your personal data with the companies of our group, so we and/or the companies of our group could send you information about their products and services or whatever information we regard as interesting to you. If you agree to it, we could share your personal data with third parties (which do not make part of our group), so that we and/or those third parties can send you information about our products and/or services and whichever other information that may be interesting to you. Please note that these third parties might have different privacy policies and Automotive Holding cannot be held accountable for any aspect related to or resulting from it. We remind that we have no control over other websites, so we cannot be held accountable for the aspects connected to or that could result from the other websites.

Your personal data security is something very important to us. As a consequence, we struggle to adopt proper measures and to protect whatever unauthorized access, loss, misuse or divulgation of your personal data. Keeping this in mind we implement technologically-secure and accepted standards. Unfortunately, since there is no complete security on the Internet and no data transmission can be regarded as 100% safe, we cannot guarantee that every information and the data kept in our servers or provided by a user are protected by unauthorized accesses.

By accepting this privacy policy, the user agrees to not hold us accountable for possible security breaches.

You have to keep into account that we could need to host, archive or transfer your data outside of your country of residence, although we cannot guarantee the same level of personal data protection that we can ensure in the country in which we operate. Please, note that we cannot be held accountable for any breach of security that happens during or in relation to this moving. Automotive Holding declares and commits to respecting all the rights recognized by the Italian laws (D.Lgs. N. 196/2003) as far as data protection is concerned. In this respect it is possible to modify the data or to ask for the cancellation anytime by sending a request to

This section is about cookies and about the web pages handled by Automotive Holding.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a short text file (letters and numbers) that Internet websites put on your PC, telephone or whichever other device, and that gather information on your navigation on the website. Cookies are installed on request by a web server on a browser (for example: Internet Explorer, Chrome) and do not have software, spywares or viruses and they do not have access to the information through the user’s hardware.

What are cookies on this website for?
Cookies are part of our websites services, having the main aim of improving your surfing experience on the website and of helping Automotive Holding offer the best services to its users. The information gathered via cookies enable us to improve the website and to adapt its content to the user preferences and to the individual needs in order to improve search results, etc. The cookies used on the website are exclusively associated to anonymous users and to their computers and do not provide users’ personal details. The cookies used on our website are temporary and used just to improve the efficiency of the last transmission.

Which kind of cookies are used on this websites?
Our website uses the following kind of cookies:
In order to create your personal account on Automotive Holding Internet website and to identify yourself as a user;
In order to send you marketing offers, such as newsletters and catalogues via SMS, telephone calls, e-mails or mails;
In order to provide you with product-related customer care and with services available on our website;
In order to answer to our questions and to inform you about new and updated products and services;
In order to analyse your personal data with a view to providing you with relevant marketing offers and information;
In order to send you surveys and to give you the chance of taking actions as per our offer and our services.

Technical Cookies
These cookies enable users to surf through our website and to use services such as the cart or the wishlist.

Analytical Cookies
Automotive Holding uses analytical cookies to measure the number of users that have visited our website and that have registered. These cookies allow Automotive Holding to measure and analyse the way in which users surf through the website. This information enable Automotive Holding to continuously improve its services and the purchasing experience for the users on this website.

Preferred Cookies
Each time users surf through or make a purchase on a website, the website will keep their preferences (such as their location or their language). Thanks to these cookies we are capable of offering users a simple surfing experience, more comfortable and personalized.

Advertising Cookies
These cookies are used to show users significant advertising and help Automotive Holding measure the efficiency of its advertising campaigns. While surfing through the website users agree to Automotive Holding downloading these cookies on their devices.

Who does use the cookie information?
The information registered on the cookies on our Internet website are used exclusively by us, with the only exception of the ones identified as “third parties cookies”, that are used and managed by external subjects that, upon our request, perform services in order to improve ours and the user’s experience during their surfing through our website. The main services these “third-party cookies” are used for consist in obtaining statistics on the access and in guaranteeing payment transactions.

How can I avoid cookies on this website?
If you prefer avoiding cookies on this website, once you have taken into account the previous limitations, you have to disable the cookies in your browser and, subsequently, cancel the cookies saved on the browser that are associated with this website. You can set this option anytime. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, it will not be possible to benefit from all of our services and it might not be possible to have access to some services on our website.

How can I disable and cancel Cookies?
You can cancel, limit or block cookies anytime on this website by modifying your browser setting. Although the configuration of each browser is different, usually you can find the cookie one in the “Preferred” menu or in the “Tools” one. For further details about the cookies configuration on your browser, check your browser “Help” menu.

Final Provisions
We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy anytime, so we ask you to frequently check it. In case of modifications we do not have to notify them via email or by publishing a notification on our website home page. As a consequence, we ask you to read our privacy policy from time to time. The supply of the users’ personal data to Automotive Holding is not mandatory. It is always possible to ask for the modification and/or for the cancelation of the personal data from the website database. By using our website you expressly accept our privacy policy.

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