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Automotive Holding vanta oltre 40 di esperienza nel mercato B2B automobilistico.

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About us

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Automotive Holding, founded in Switzerland as an automotive trader specialist from an holding company, nowadays is the head of a service company group that operates in international markets, with more than 40-years of experience in the Automotive sector.

Automotive Holding’s main function is to coordinate two operating companies, i.e. AMGH and ETG.

These two companies almost exclusively do commercial activities B2B: AMGH trades cars and motorcycles also in non-European markets, ETG mostly in Europe.

Our History

Group was founded and started its activity in the Automotive sector.

We became dealers for several brands in various regions and we sold our partnerships in 1990.

Group opened import-export offices also in USA.

Focused on EU markets acting as independent trader.

Primary role within European car industry.

Group's focus moved to trading in emerging markets.

Back to trade also in EU independent market.

Post Covid-19, we are expanding our connections worldwide.


Long standing relationships with major car manufacturers.

Deep knowledge of special characteristics, commercial problems and techniques of the automotive market.

Strong relations network and competitive presence in Europe since the late ’70.

Our network allows us to constantly stay updated on market dynamics in a complex and competitive world.

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